Here are two wonderful stories of people whos lives are being turned around by God:


Paul began drinking at a very early age due to a poor home life and was a registered alcoholic by the time he was sixteen. Most of his life was chaotic and he ended up being treated for severe depression, which lasted for many years. He came to the City Centre Ministries van one Wednesday night in 2004, which happened to be the first night of our new Alpha course. He was quite drunk and very loud and abusive but we reluctantly allowed him to come on the Alpha. He spent most of the evening shouting out obscenities and we found him such hard work. Despite Paul’s condition he did settle down and it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Paul started to come to Church and began to grow in the Lord. Although his drinking continued, he did show a sincere heart to want to know God more. Paul would be picked up from his flat in Moss side every Sunday but we would never know how drunk he would be as he was a heavy white lightening drinker. After some months Paul said he would like to be baptized and to follow Jesus in his life, which we did despite the fact that he had been drinking that morning. We persuaded Paul to go to Teen Challenge, which is a Christian rehab centre. He successfully completed the year and then went with them to Uganda working with people in addiction. After completing another 6 months bible training he then returned to Manchester. Paul has now been free from drink for a good number of years and is the caretaker for our Church. He is in contact with his daughter after over ten years and he has his own flat and is driving again. It is a real joy to see Paul worshiping in Church and then encouraging guys who are in a similar place to where he used to be. The photo is of Steve and Irene with Paul at his graduation service from Teen Challenge.


Ernie lost his Mum 20 years ago and due to the heartache he just gave up on life and became a recluse. He spent the next twenty years alone and just wondered the streets of Manchester. Ernie is near 70 and after an accident in his garden, some damage was caused to his next-door neighbors house. They threatened him with court through a solicitor and Ernie became very depressed and stopped eating and was planning to commit suicide and even decided how he would go about it. He started to come to the City Centre Ministries van and eventually came to Church. As friendships grew he began share his problems and we where able to get a solicitor from Church to look at his situation and to represent him. In just a few weeks we began to see Ernie change and he has told us that he feels his life has been spared and he has been given a second chance and a new family.